Pocket is a Team Pick…

Written by Fusion Team August 5, 2013

Pocket is a great way to save articles, videos and more from the web.  There are versions available for free for iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle Fire and can be accessed using your browser on your Mac or PC.

Pocket has been around since 2007, when it was called “Read It later”.  It lets you take a snapshot of the content of the webpage you’re viewing so you can read it later at your convenience.  It’s founded on the idea that no matter what type of content you’re consuming, the act of copying it and keeping it to read later should be as simple as putting something in your pocket.


To learn more and get your own copy click here.

Pt. 5 Building An Online Presence – aka The Pieces to Building a Website . . .

Written by Fusion Team July 2, 2012
Helping you navigate your way around the online world! Part Five – Next Steps – DIY or Hire Design Company Okay – you’ve read the first Four Parts to this series and are now ready to build your website and have an amazing web presence! Here are the links to the Posts in this series –  just in case you want to review and bookmark [ Read More ]

Pt. 4 Building An Online Presence – aka The Pieces to Building a Website . . .

Written by Fusion Team June 25, 2012
Helping you navigate your way around the online world! Part Four – Top Website Design Mistakes Here is a short list of Common Mistakes that a lot of people do when creating a DIY Website
  • Visited links that don’t change color!  This is an easy step to take and fix if you need too.  What this does is allows the visitor to know that they have already ‘clicked’ that link.  Just another way to keep the ‘customer happy’ by not wasting their time if they don’t need to revisit that link OR that they recalled that they clicked somewhere and would love to go back to that link! [ Read More ]

Pt. 3 Building An Online Presence – aka The Pieces to Building a Website . . .

Written by Fusion Team June 18, 2012
Helping you navigate your way around the online world! Part Three – What Happens After the Site Has Been Built Can you spell SEO?  SEO SEO SEO – Search Engine Optimization baby – SEO is King! 1.  Your SEO is very important and worth your time to read and research this component.  Begin to educate yourself about how to get found online and how to monitor your analytics & statistics so that you can tweak & fine tune your site for optimum performance. [ Read More ]

Evernote Is a Team Pick…

Written by Jennifer May 28, 2012


Evernote allows you to capture all of your thoughts, notes, ideas, and inspirations, into a single place. Think of it as a digital journal.  You can save photos to it, clip website links or entire webpages to view later, record short audios and email them to yourself, save copies of important emails, and much more. Personally, I use Evernote to take down meeting notes when speaking with clients or colleagues.  I also quickly clip website links and page I like directly from my browser bar so I can access them later. [ Read More ]

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  • "Christy Whitman is a New York Times Bestselling Author of Taming Your Alpha Bitch: How To Be Fierce and Feminine (and Get Everything You Want!), CEO and founder of the Quantum Success Coaching AcademyTM, a 12-month Law of Attraction coaching certification program, and creator of the Enlightened Kid Program."
  • "Helping big-vision entrepreneurs make a worldwide impact and make millions with their knowledge, wisdom & expertise."
  • "John Assaraf is an entrepreneur, researcher and explorer of consciousness and human behavior. His love and passion for Discovering and teaching people how to release the internal mental blockages that holds them back from achieving their fullest potential is what drives him and gives his life purpose and meaning."
  • "After growing-up in a small Pennsylvania steel-mill town near Pittsburgh as the son of a steelworker and a housewife – multi-millionaire James Malinchak is now one of most requested highest paid motivational and business speakers and business marketing coaches in America."
  • "Jane Savoie is one of the most recognized names in dressage, and for a good reason. Her accomplishments and the breadth of her influence are impressive. She has been a member of the United States Equestrian Team and has competed for the US in Canada, Holland, Belgium, France and Germany. She was the reserve rider for the Bronze medal winning Olympic dressage team in Barcelona, Spain. "
  • "My mission is to help leaders better bring THEIR gifts to the world. I realize that if I can help leaders impact the people their meant to serve, then I’ve indirectly helped all THOSE people, too. It's like ripples expanding outward…I never know how far the rings will go or who they will touch."
  • "Beth Schneider, President and CEO of Process Prodigy is a highly sought after, internationally known systems expert. Beth works with small business owners, showing them how to streamline their business so they can work less, make more money and create Outrageously Effective Systems in their own business. "
  • "I want to recommend Terri Romine and her team to anyone who wants to harness the powerful tools available with Infusionsoft. I knew what I wanted to accomplis, but wasn’t quite sure how to get there. I had a tight deadline and Terri and her team guided me through every step I needed to take to create my membership program."
  • "I was blown away by the quality and turnaround time that Terri and her team provided in designing my website, www.coachingbykelly.com. It was up and running so quickly, and it looks fabulous! I am frequently receiving compliments on it as well as inquiries about the creative experts behind it. Plus, they even gave me some much appreciated WordPress training!"
  • "I was extremely happy with the results and service I received from Fusion Online Marketing Agency. Fusion was able to seamlessly deliver in a solid, dependable, timely manner. They far surpassed my expectations and did everything I needed them to do, and then some. I was relieved to have found a reliable, professional, talented agency that can address all of my needs."
  • "This whole internet marketing business is a real deal…When you aren’t a web developer or don’t know any html coding or whatever, it can be a downright nightmare. If you are reading this looking for some help, then chances are you have been disappointed by multiple “website developers” in the past."
  • "Terri and her team members are true assets to our organization, James Malinchak International, Inc. They are true professionals who go above and beyond ‘system specs’ and we love that! Not only do they do what they say they’re going to do, they also offer numerous creative ideas along the way that enhance our business operations. www.BigMoneySpeaker.com"
  • "The Fusion team is the best I know in the industry. They helped me seamlessly transition from 1 Shopping Cart to InfusionSoft. They are always there to answer my questions and got me using the full power of InfusionSoft in less than a week. I highly recommend to you that you connect with the Fusion team. I refer all my private clients to them."
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