CloudBerry is a Team Pick…

Written by Fusion Team October 3, 2013

cloudberryCloudBerry S3 Explorer is an application that makes managing your Amazon S3 files quick and simple. There are a handful of applications available to manage the Amazon S3 environment, but CloudBerry S3 Explorer is the best product on the market. The freeware version provides lots of functionality but the pro version includes extras, including full access to Amazon’s Identity and Access Management (IAM).

Feedly is a Team Pick…

Written by Fusion Team September 12, 2013


Feedly is a great way to stay ON TOP of new articles from your favorite publishers.  It’s the number one replacement for the recently deceased Google Reader.  Feedly gives you an attractive web or app interface (PC, Mac, Android, iPad, iPhone) to subscribe to your favorite websites and get their latest articles delivered to you each day.

I use my Feedly account to track over 600 websites ranging from the latest in web development techniques, to support forums, to LOLcats.  Feedly also integrates with Pocket, allowing me to snapshot articles I want to keep for later.




Pagemodo is a Team Pick…

Written by Fusion Team September 5, 2013


With social media leading brand awareness, it can become tiresome to develop new and engaging content. That’s where Pagemodo comes into play. This new platform provides small businesses with easy-to-use business tools.

Pagemodo helps small businesses design custom Facebook Pages with a variety of templates, easy-to-add features, like gates, and HTML integration.

With over a billion users on Facebook, it’s vital that small businesses maintain a social presence and keep the content coming. The best feature from Pagemodo is their ready to use content built into the platform, from popular quotes, articles on a variety of topics, and beautiful images to share on your business page daily.

Fun fact – “Every month, 10 million Facebook users view a Facebook Page powered by Pagemodo!” Be sure to let us know how it works for your business.


Topspin is a Team Pick…

Written by Fusion Team August 29, 2013

Topspin Image

This is a very versatile platform and can be used by anyone with products to sell. It’s inventory/sales management, email communication, media hosting all in one dashboard.

It’s the same technology that legends such as Sir Paul McCartney, Shane Carruth (filmmaker of “Upstream Color’), and Universal Music use to connect to fans/consumers and it is available for you. Currently more than 55,000 musicians, comedians, labels, motivational speakers, managers and filmmakers use the Topspin Platform to grow their audience, communicate with fans, and sell music, video, merch and ticket bundles. As a result, the average transaction across the Topspin Platform is greater than $20. When you look at optimized campaigns – what some might call the typical Topspin campaign – the average is greater than $50. Add tickets to the campaign and the averages start to approach $90.

The internet has created an attention economy, where distribution is easy but attention is scarce. Success is now determined by the strength of an artist’s connection to their audience. At Topspin Media, this software is for artists to establish lasting and meaningful relationships with fans, communicate with them around the web, and sell far higher-value products in return.

Zendesk is a Team Pick…

Written by Fusion Team August 22, 2013


Hosted help desk software with an elegant support ticketing system and a self-service support desk platform. Agile, smart, and easy to use.

You can learn more about Zendesk’s features here.

Skitch is a Team Pick…

Written by Fusion Team August 15, 2013


As I mentioned last year, I’m a huge fan of Evernote (for business, personal, everything!). Recently they acquired another fantastic app that I love almost as much called Skitch.  Skitch let’s you easily capture anything on your computer screen with a simple click.  From there, it automatically saves the image in your Evernote account and then allows you to edit and annotate it.

As a project manager, I use it most when reviewing web pages that are in progress. I can easily capture a page or part of a page, circle certain areas that need attention, type notes right on the image, draw layouts, and much, much more.  I can then email the image to a team member, save it to my computer, or just leave in Evernote for future reference. Saves me a ton of time from printing, hand-writing notes, typing out long edits, etc.

Skitch is available for almost all devices, including tablets and phones.  Try it out, it’s free!

Pocket is a Team Pick…

Written by Fusion Team August 5, 2013

Pocket is a great way to save articles, videos and more from the web.  There are versions available for free for iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle Fire and can be accessed using your browser on your Mac or PC.

Pocket has been around since 2007, when it was called “Read It later”.  It lets you take a snapshot of the content of the webpage you’re viewing so you can read it later at your convenience.  It’s founded on the idea that no matter what type of content you’re consuming, the act of copying it and keeping it to read later should be as simple as putting something in your pocket.


To learn more and get your own copy click here.

Evernote Is a Team Pick…

Written by Jennifer May 28, 2012


Evernote allows you to capture all of your thoughts, notes, ideas, and inspirations, into a single place. Think of it as a digital journal.  You can save photos to it, clip website links or entire webpages to view later, record short audios and email them to yourself, save copies of important emails, and much more.

Personally, I use Evernote to take down meeting notes when speaking with clients or colleagues.  I also quickly clip website links and page I like directly from my browser bar so I can access them later. [ Read More ]

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